Algerian Army Chief Backs Constitutional Amendments

The Algerian army chief of staff affirmed on Tuesday that the upcoming constitutional referendum is a milestone to structure a new Algeria.

Achieving these noble goals is definitely possible by maintaining security and stability, a Defense Ministry statement quoted Major General Said Chengriha as saying during his visit to the 3rd Military Region in Bechar.

President has repeatedly pledged to introduce comprehensive political and economic reforms and to meet demands raised in demonstrations that toppled president Abdelaziz Bouteflika in April 2019.

Tebboune believes the new constitution is fully in line with the requirements of modern state building and responds to the demands of the Hirak.

In an interview with the New York Times earlier this month, he stressed that the “old, corrupt regime is gone,” proclaiming a new day for his country, saying it was now “free and democratic.”

“I’ve decided to go very far in creating a new politics and a new economy.”

On Monday, head of Bina Movement Abdelkader Bengrina called on Algerians to vote “yes” in the referendum scheduled for November 1.

“If we are unable to convince the people to vote (yes), then we have failed in our mission, so we will have to step down,” he told local media.

“There is no room for comparison between the 2016 and the 2020 constitution, which defends the general principles of Algerian society and values the identity of the nation, its freedom and democracy.”

Bengrina stressed that he respects the opinion of all political components but will continue to fiercely defend his stance and this constitution for Algeria’s sake.

The 2019 presidential candidate said he had many reservations on the draft constitution, but the authority has responded to his demands by including several of his proposals.

Bengrina hailed the role played by the civil society in raising awareness to participate in the referendum.

“We value and at the same time demand that the civil society be given a real role in this process, within an organized framework.”

He expected a massive turnout of 11-12 million to vote “yes” because their “identity is protected in this constitution.”

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