Mystery over absence of Algeria leader treated for COVID-19

Tebboune left for Germany Oct. 28.

“I sincerely expected him to give us a surprise by returning home today for the first anniversary of his election. It’s the ideal timing,” Hassiba Aoudia, a retired French teacher said Friday evening. She had been a member of Tebboune’s group of supporters when he was a candidate.

Prime Minister has been in charge during Tebboune’s absence, conspicuous as the country struggles with an economy made worse by the coronavirus and a host of other issues.

Constitutional law professor Fatiha Benabou said there is no date limiting the time Tebboune can be away.

“Authorities have a large margin of maneuver,” she said. “But on a political level, the absence of the president, who embodies the essential powers, is obviously a problem.”

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