Ethiopia launches investigations to recover over $268m embezzled public funds

Published on 17.10.2020 at 18h21 by APA News

Ethiopia’s Federal Police has launched investigations to recover more than $268 million public funds embezzled by government officials, a police commissioner has said.“Police will file charges against serving officials who are suspected of embezzling public funds, Zelalem Mengistie, Federal Police Deputy Commissioner said in a briefing on Friday.

The investigation will be conducted after the country’s Ministry of Finance unveils misused public funds shortly, he said 

According to the commissioner, police are investigating the over $7.7 million misused money from the Ministry of Education which is one of the most vulnerable sectors to corruption in the country.

Other than the education sector, land distribution and administration is another sector where corruption is institutionalized, and facilitation payments as well as bribes are often demanded from businesses when they deal with land-related issues.

Fifty nine government officials were arrested two years ago on suspicion of corruption and economic sabotage, during the first sweeping crackdown by the government.

Prime Minister won the hearts of majority Ethiopians when his government cracked down on a chain of corruption by top leadership of Metals and Engineering Corporation (MetEC), an industrial conglomerate run by former defence force military generals back in early 2019.

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