First international aid convoy arrives in Tigray: Report

First international aid convoy has reached the capital of Ethiopia’s war-torn Tigray region, reported AFP quoting International Committee of the Red Cross. Tigray region has seen intense conflict as Ethiopian forces have clashed with those in Tigray for control of the region.

Seven Red Cross trucks brought medicines and medical equipment for 400 wounded as well as relief supplies.

“It is the first international aid to arrive in Mekele since fighting erupted in Tigray more than one month ago,” the Geneva-based ICRC said.

Ethiopian government had imposed a communication blackout as a result of which it was hard to accurately ascertain the situation inside Tigray during the conflict. International agencies including the United Nations had repeatedly underlined the humanitarian crisis in Tigray which saw an exodus of thousands of civilians into neighbouring regions and even neighbouring countries.

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Ethiopia’s current Prime Minister , a Nobel peace prize recipient last year, has stressed that the humanitarian aid program in the Tigray region will be led by his government. There have been numerous call from around the world for Ethiopian government to step-up its efforts to help civilians many of whom are facing shortage of food, water and medicines. 

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