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We Will Not Go to War with TPLF over Elections: PM AbiyJuly 31, 2020 ( — Prime Minister said his government will not go to war with the governing party of Tigray, the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), over the unilateral decision of the latter to hold regional elections.

“If war breaks out, the officials in Tigray will not be harmed but let others die. We will not go to war for the safety and respect of the Tigrayan people,” the premier said while holding a discussion with political parties on national issues.

The federal government will not use force against any belligerent regional government that conducts elections against the decision passed by the House of Federation (HoF), he said.

The HoF postponed the elections until the corona-virus pandemic is deemed to be no threat to the health of voters.

“Although there are clear provocations with the expectation for the Federal government to respond forcefully, the government will not go to war. None of the parties will benefit from war,” the premier said.

“The people of Tigray should not hear gunshots anymore. We will remain patient until the people in the region understand and react accordingly.”

“I am not worried that TPLF will hold elections in Tigray region. It is not essential.” The House of Federation has already extended the powers of all regional councils, including that of TPLF, until the next elections. TPLF will repeat the same if it wins the planned election in the region,” he added.

If we go to war, the democratic endeavors and development activities will be hampered while the same mistake is repeated, Abiy stressed.

He further emphasized that all political forces should be within the playing field, not outside, against the rules of our institutions set up to govern political contests for power.

Regarding recent arrests, Abiy said that government officials and policemen are apprehended too for the role they played in the violence or failure to maintain rule of law in the recent unrest and, therefore, the measures should not be viewed in simplistic terms as targeting competing parties, he said.

Abiy said the government is committed to upholding the rule of law, without discriminating between government bodies, ruling party leaders or members of political parties in relation to the recent violence.

The political parties on their part stressed the need to ensure the rule of law and take measures to redress the past unjust practices within law enforcement and judicial processes and institutional setups.

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