Bomas BBI launch: Student brings the house down with challenge to the President
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Ashura Michael, the gutsy representative of persons of disabilities, had the Bomas BBI launch in stitches when she gave President the go ahead to take a wife from Nyanza region. 

 She was alluding to last President Uhuru’s tour of Kisumu County when he joked about taking a wife from the region if the First Lady was agreeable.

“Your Excellency, you recently went to Kisumu and I heard you wanted a mpango wa kando from there. I know the first lady accepted. My father Raila Odinga is here and I know he is ready to take the dowry and if my brother the Deputy President William Ruto agrees, he will be the best man,” joked Ashura.

That broke whatever ice prevailed as a smiling Deputy President Ruto was seen urging a jovial president to take up the challenge.

Ashura likened the new relationship in the joke to the handshake that brought forth a child – the BBI.
The speech-impaired University of Nairobi graduate has been an active champion of rights of the disabled especially those facing challenges similar to hers.

Speaking through a sign interpreter, Ashura encouraged Kenyans to read the document and not wait to listen to what others will say. She also praised the document as a promoter of unity, progress and asolution to many of the problems faced with persons with disabilities.

“17 counties don’t have representatives of persons with disabilities but I’m sure with the BBI we are going to be represented in all the counties,” said the law student.

 “BBI is not about former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and President Uhuru, BBI is about me and you. It’s to provide diversity in our nation,” said Ashura.

Amidst serious talk and praise for the BBI, Ashura even without her own spoken words was able to bring new life to the crowd at Bomas while championing for the rights of those disabled.

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