Fear and disruption worse than corona infection — Khaminwa


The veteran lawyer says the government should not instil fear in Kenyans with the message, ‘Stay at home, corona is killing people’, when they know these people have no jobs and no money to tend to their needs.

It will push them into depression and death rather than dying with the infection of corona.

It is true corona kills, he says, but let us not forget that we have diseases like malaria that are killing people on a daily basis.

“We also have diabetes, HIV, TB and others killing more people than the coronavirus,” he said.

“When you weigh the adverse effects of corona with this other diseases, you find that corona deaths are not as much as the other diseases.”

He said in 1920, there was Spanish flu, which killed more people than the coronavirus has but in the end it was managed.

“Coronavirus should have been treated and received the way we did with HIV, and we never made it a big issue the way CS Mutahi has done it,” he said.

“I don’t think it is also good to be giving Kenyans figures on how many people have died and who have been infected. Even when a country is faced with a war, they are never told about the casualties every day.”

The daily briefing of infection figures is intimidating people, he says.

“Mutahi may think he is doing a good thing but he is not because you cannot be telling people that these people are dying and these are infected. That’s not the way things are done since you cause fear and intimidate the whole nation.”

He says the government should not have closed schools. The school heads should have been given a chance to manage just like the courts are working.

“We have to handle everything in a conscious manner, not to blow it up the way we have done. It’s faulty.”

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