Gideon Moi: Can he sustain the BBI steam to 2022?

“Kanu is planning a clean sweep in Rift Valley and other regions,” Poghisio said.

After passing the constitutional amendments, the next stage will be the 2022 General Elections, he said.

“As you have witnessed, our chairman and all members of Kanu are out. Kanu will be playing a major role in all the political processes ahead,” the Majority leader said.

“Those underestimating Kanu will be shocked. The writing is on the wall and they’d better be ready for competition never seen before. Kanu has networks and we will capitalise on them,” he added.

Poghisio said as part of building networks, Gideon will interact with women and youth in a series of activities targeting them.

“Gideon is a statesman who attracts respect and admiration from all members of society, be it children, the youth or the elderly. It’s because of his non-confrontational style of leadership. 

“He listens to people.”

Before his father’s burial, Gideon received the ivory-tipped Nyayo rungu that his father always carried, a symbol of authority, power and force.

Gideon is likely to be the party’s presidential candidate because no one else has expressed interest.

Since the exit of Daniel Moi from power in 2002, the fortunes of the Independence party have dwindled. It had been in power for more than 40 years.

In subsequent elections, the ‘Baba na Mama’ party ‘ was edged out by new entrants who, coincidentally, are led by ‘Kanu students’.

At one time Kanu had the majority of MPs. Now it has only 10 of 349 MPs and three of 67 senators.

Critics of Gideon say, however, he still has a long way to go to match William Ruto.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi said that despite inheriting a name from his father and despite the wealth at his disposal, Moi Jnr is yet to cut his political teeth.

“Gideon Moi and his family are among the top richest families in Kenya, he has the name of his father but still struggles to connect with wananchi,” Sudi said.

“He is unlike the DP who is charming and generous,” he said. Unlike the DP who is charming and generous. A mean person hardly makes a good leader,” he told the Star.

Belgut MP Nelson Koech said. “Gideon will face an uphill task dethroning the DP in a region that has given him the blessing to lead.”

He said Rift Valley has endorsed the DP as its leader and all the communities in the region are now behind Ruto.

“I would advise Gideon to also back Ruto, just as he had supported his father when he was in leadership.”

Mathira MP Rigathi Gachugua mentioning Kanu reminds Kenyans of a bad economy and poor leadership.

“For sure we cannot go back to Kanu, a regime that tortured people and killed the economy,” he told the Star.

“We cannot dare make those mistakes again. We are way ahead [and can’t] embrace Kanu and its leadership.”

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