Government ill-prepared for January school reopening

Face-to-Face learning in all educational institutions resumes in January.

The back to school edict issued by President in his Jamhuri Day speech is welcome as continued stay at home was doing more harm than good to the young minds.

As they say, an idle brain is the devil’s workshop and a lot has happened to some of the youth while at home.

For the nine months they have been home some have become pregnant, some have been sexually abused and others fallen into drug abuse and crime.

The concern is that while the children will happily troop back to school come January, many of the institutions, especially public ones and the many ‘academies’ in informal settlements, are ill-prepared to take them back.

Very few new classrooms have come up to meet the social distancing requirement, masks are still an alien garment in many remote and hardship areas, ablution blocks are shared by thousands and even water to wash hands is hard to come by in some schools.

The government’s desk programme has achieved little and appears to just have been a PR exercise.

While there is little choice but have children back at school, the government has miserably failed in preparing a safe learning environment for them.

Quote of the Day: “Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.” 

George Washington

The First US President died on December 14, 1799

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