Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar sparked a conversation after his scathing attack on President went viral.

Omar urged Uhuru to finish his term and leave office in 2022, stating that Kenya could only be united after he left office.

Omar claimed Uhuru had lost public goodwill that he had when he first ran for President, and cast himself as a true patriot complete with Kenyan-branded gear.

This, he argued, was because citizens in many regions had become impoverished in one way or another including in his Mt. Kenya backyard.

Hassan Omar Launches Scathing Attack on Uhuru [VIDEO]

President pictured in Nairobi Slums on August 10, 2020.


Omar claimed that Uhuru had resorted to dividing Kenyans after failing to deliver various promises made under the Jubilee Party manifesto.

“Everyone gave him a chance. He went on to focus on his own interests and finished his own people. For the first time, Mt. Kenya region has never been poorer,” the former senator claimed. 

He dismissed efforts initiated by Uhuru to unite Kenyans through the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), claiming it was part of a scheme by the President to remain remain relevant after the end of his term.

“Now, he wants each community to negotiate to come up with leaders for him to sit on the table and say I am the Mt. Kenya kingpin. We are not negotiating with you, you must leave sir,” Omari stated.

The former Senator further declared that they would not accept tribal-based parties and declared that ‘they’ would rule the country.

“We will rule this country one day, God-willing and we will fulfill the Constitution,” he stated.

His fiery speech sparked a conversation on Uhuru’s legacy, with a section of Kenyans arguing that it was tarnished by mega-graft scandals, and unfulfilled promises such as on digital literacy and sports.

Others, however, cited progress in areas including electrification and infrastructure, arguing that he had done his best.

Economist David Ndii was among those who agreed with Omar, describing the BBI as a scam.

City lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, on the other hand, claimed that Uhuru was a President with good intentions and bad advisers.

Watch part of Omar’s speech below:

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