Mombasa County’s economy is on an upward trajectory following the commissioning and completion of multi-billion projects by the county and national governments. 

President has personally expressed interest in the projects and has also inspected the progress of some of them personally. 

The government has pumped billions to improve the face of the coastal city which was at risk of being forgotten. 

Multi-Billion Projects Transforming Mombasa [PHOTOS]

An oil tanker, Mt Frixos, discharges crude oil at Kipevu terminal at the port of Mombasa


Kipevu Oil Terminal (KOT)

The Ksh 40 billion oil terminal, which is currently under construction, is a 200,000 DWT capacity facility capable of handling import and export of all petroleum products.

The oil jetty has a dedicated high volume Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) channel which is expected to enhance supply of cooking gas in Kenya and the region.

The project is being undertaken by the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), has a timeline of 30 months and it is expected to be ready by August 1, 2021.

The Kipevu Oil Terminal is expected to expand Kenya’s petroleum handling and storage capacity by almost 400 per cent.

Likoni Pedestrian Floating Bridge

The 1.2 kilometer floating bridge, the first of its kind in the region, is at 51 percent completion rate and will be ready for use by the end of this year.

When complete, the Ksh1.9 billion bridge is expected to ease pressure on the Likoni ferry crossing by taking up most of the foot traffic, leaving the ferries to serve vehicular cargo between Mombasa and the South Coast.

The construction works of the project are being carried out by the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) and overseen by the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) which is under the state’s ministry of transport and infrastructure.

Multi-Billion Projects Transforming Mombasa [PHOTOS]

The Likoni Floating bridge length specifications.


Designed for pedestrians only, the Likoni floating bridge deck will comprise a 529 m long floating section, and 54 m long approaches on either side of the floating span. 

It will have a discrete-continuous structural system with 35 No. double body supported boats, and 2 No. end boats with twin springboards installed to form the floating bridge deck.

Port Reitz/Moi International Development Project

The Port Reitz/Moi International Development Project was completed at a cost of Ksh2 billion.

It is expected to raise Mombasa’s position as a more efficient logistics hub and also support the expansion of the road to a dual carriageway and improve the existing Port Reitz and Moi International Airport access roads covering 6.4 kilometres in length.

The project will also improve traffic movement at intersections, including the installation of traffic lights and grade separated junctions.

The Port Reitz/Moi International Airport Access Road development project sends a clear message to both local and foreign investors, that Kenya is open to business and willing to improve the business environment to make it as conducive as possible.

Multi-Billion Projects Transforming Mombasa [PHOTOS]

Port Reitz – Moi International Airport access road


Mombasa Southern Bypass

Work on the second and third phase of the Dongo Kundu bypass has already started and is expected to be complete in less than four years.

It will cost Ksh28 billion with a phase that includes the construction of Kenya’s longest bridge across the Mteza and Mwache creeks taking Ksh24 billion.

The first phase of the project was completed at a cost of Ksh12 billion. 

The Ksh4 billion dualling of seven kilometres (from Kibundani on the southern end to the seaside at Mwangala) is in progress.

The project will ease traffic pressure on the Likoni Ferry and decongest Mombasa Island. 

Multi-Billion Projects Transforming Mombasa [PHOTOS]

A section o phase one of the Dongo-Kundu Bypass


Rehabilitation of Airside Pavements and Airfield Ground Lighting System at Moi International Airport

Components of the project include: Rehabilitation of the runway, taxiways and apron; airfield lighting including upgrading existing airfield and ground lighting, sinkhole remediation and slope stabilization, rainwater harvesting and drainage works. 

Rehabilitation works on runways have commenced and are at advanced stages. 

Apron repair works have commenced. Rainwater harvesting tank construction for 3 tanks are in progress.

Drainage works are underway while airfield and ground lighting cables have been installed and installation of fittings is in progress.

The overall work is 70% complete and will cost Ksh7 billion. 

Mama Ngina Water Front Park

The 26-acre park which overlooks the Kilindini Channel has a sitting capacity of 3,000.

At a cost of Ksh 400 million the grounds were transformed into an integrated urban tourist attraction site. 

The refurbishment included landscaping and paving the waterfront with concrete blocks, construction of an amphitheatre, the Kilindini Cultural Centre, ablution blocks and two main gates.

The waterfront now features a palm tree-lined walkway from the Likoni Ferry Crossing to its south through to the Mombasa Golf Club to the north. These two points are the entry and exit points for both ways, and are now marked by huge monumental gates.

The waterfront park also has a sun-drenched 2.1km long promenade and a space for food vendors. The sitting area now a properly built amphitheatre, has more greenery with newly planted palm trees and grass where visitors can while away time.

The walkway has rail guards separating it from the cliff-face, just above the pounding waves crashing onto the rocks below making it a safe, family-friendly place. 

For years, the park has housed the famous Florida Nightclub and Casino and Galaxy Chinese Restaurant on the northern edge. These have been incorporated into the cultural vista of the new look park.

Multi-Billion Projects Transforming Mombasa [PHOTOS]

A section of Mama Ngina Water Front Park


Multi-Billion Projects Transforming Mombasa [PHOTOS]

A section of Mama Ngina Water Front Park


Multi-Billion Projects Transforming Mombasa [PHOTOS]

A section of Mama Ngina Water Front Park


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