Ruto gives strongest sign yet of saying yes to BBI

NAIROBI, Kenya Nov 28 – Deputy President William Ruto has given the strongest indication yet that he is on board the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) train, which he had vowed to oppose.

Since Wednesday when the BBI Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020 was launched, Ruto has been tweeting in support of it, while highlighting what he described as major gains for the ordinary person, otherwise referred to his supporters as the hustler nation.

“Now working on consensus for Kenyans to have real choices to decide/vote while avoiding yes/no or all/nothing division,” he tweeted Saturday, maintaining the need for a non-contentious referendum.

He boasted that out that his cooperation with President on the need to build consensus around the document had led to great improvement to the BBI post bomas.

“I have a constitutional duty to assist my boss, the president. Now working on consensus for Kenyans to have real choices to decide/vote while avoiding yes/no or /nothing division. We avoided lose-lose we can overcome win-lose to achieve win-win,” he said.

He said that the ordinary people’s economics of “wheelbarrow, bodaboda, mamamboga, pastoralists/butchers” was guaranteed in the revised report.

Ruto has been the opposition voice of the BBI process, often criticising Preaident and his handshake partner Raila Odinga of prioriting the constitutional reforms at the expense of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of the amendments he wanted on the BBI report were effected, including removing the proposal to have political parties participate in the recruitment of electoral commissioners.

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Ruto’s change of tune signals a major boost for the BBI proponents at a time the countrywide signature collection exercise is underway setting the stage for a national referendum next year.

Kenya is set to hold national elections in 2022 and the BBI process will play a major role in the succession politics, once President Kenyatta’s second and final ends.

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