24 October 2020

Buhari special adviser Adesina explain how di president address 'Lekki shootings' for speech

One special adviser to di Nigeria President , tok say di president no miss out anytin wen im be address di kontri afta di Lekki shooting wey happun for Lagos.

Femi Adesina for one interview wit local tori on Friday say na di international community Buhari nationwide address on Thursday evening dey for.

Dis dey come afta Nigerians para say di president for mention di 20 October gbege wey soldiers open fire on unarmed protesters.

“E no be true,” Adesina tok wen dem ask am why di president no mention di ‘Lekki shootings’ for im speech. “Somewia for dat speech, di president speak to di international community, thank those wey ask for understanding before dem comment and in anoda word, e also dey tell pipo wey hurry to make judgment to dey get more information. He no miss out anytin, di message to international community na for Lekki.”

According to Lagos state goment and oda accounts wey dey social media, many pipo injure for di Tuesday attack.

One Lagos-based entertainer DJ Switch, wey livestream di attack wey happun for Lekki tok on Friday say she count at least 15 pipo wey dia afta security pipo shoot at dem.

But Adesina don defend president Buhari say im no go dey fit make comment on matter wey be say oda state agents still dey do investigation on top.

“A president na last bus stop for major issues for di kontri. Lekki happun, Lagos state start judicial panel, di defense headquaters don come to say dem dey wait for some investigations, do you want make di president come tok at dat point wen im never get feedback from di joibodi wey dey investigate? Dat one no go dey proper.” na so Adesina tok.

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