Esports federation rejects ministry's plan to sack board
  • … It’s an illegal body, says ministry

The Esports Federations of Nigeria (EFN) has once again rejected plans by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development to inaugurate an interim committee following the leadership crisis rocking the federation.

In a statement signed by the president, Agbor Clinton, the federation is urging President to come to the aid of the federation so as “to prevent the possible sanctions looming from international bodies over the major setback caused by the ministry.”

It will be recalled that the president had alleged the ministry was interfering and may attract severe sanction from the world ruling body.

He also noted that the Esports federation which came into existence in 2017 is fully registered in line with the federal government directive and the Nigerian Olympic Committee (NOC), adding that an investigative panel should be set up on the leadership crisis.

”We are calling on the youth and sports-loving President to please call the Sunday Dare to order not to destroy the gamers common in Nigeria” he said.

”That the minister should not inaugurate any interim Esports body and that a committee be set to investigate the role played by Dr Ademola Are”

”We are the board recognized by the Confederation of Africa Esports Federation (IESF) with documentation at 98.5% completed and equally a founding father of the Confederation of west Africa,  Esports as the coordinator”.

Meanwhile, the Director of grassroots sports development in the sports ministry, Dr Ademola Are has debunked the allegations, adding that the Clinton led board is illegal noting that earlier approval for the federation has been withdrawn by the sports ministry having not met the requirements.

”The Clinton led board is illegal, they registered as Esports Nigeria League as (NGO) which was earlier approved by the sports ministry, but after much investigation, their approval was withdrawn”.

”Because the sports minister, Sunday Dare gave the order for the right process to be followed to create the Esports federation. We called them for a zoom meeting to bring all the stakeholders together, but the Clinton led board refused to partake in the process”.

According to him ”We later held an election which was supervised by the sports ministry and the Nigerian Olympic Committee (NOC) which an interim official was elected, but they have not been inaugurated officially by the sports ministry”.

Nigeria is a board member of the confederation of Africa Esports and is close to be a full member with the international Esports federation (IESF).

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