Yoruba group urges support for Buhari, security chiefs

Chinelo Obogo


The Concerned Yoruba Patriots (CYP) has urged for support for the administration of President and for the peace of the country, saying the unity of Nigeria is “sacrosanct and non-negotiable”. 


In a rally held at the Government House, Alausa, Lagos on Wednesday, the group warned against actions that will destabilise the country. 


It also expressed support for the Armed Forces in a letter received by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu. 


Speaking on behalf of the group, the Converner,  Bankole Johnson, said the “Yoruba Nation is on the side of one strong and indivisible Nigeria”. 


The group further hailed the current administration for  ‘entrenching peace and security in the South-West and across the country’ and said those who want to destabilise the country will be resisted. 


“The exigencies of time  require that we must be guided in our public utterances in the interest of peace and sustainable development. For Nigeria, it neither east nor south, north or west, but one Nigeria bonded in love and strength. 


“The recent happenings in the country have indeed brought out some of the salient issues affecting our growth and development. This fact if we must admit would ultimately constitute a clog in the wheels of our progress, and as such we must do all within our powers to address it from its very source.


“We the members of the Concerned Yoruba Patriots know for sure that the unity of Nigeria is sacrosanct and non-negotiable and that is why we have elected to undertake this rally against the destabilisation in Nigeria. 


” Do we need a soothsayer to tell us that the enemies of Nigeria have started whipping up ethnic sentiments and portraying a particular ethnicity as against the interest of the country. This is indeed uncharitable and sad, but our consolation rest in the fact that the Yoruba Nation is on the side of one strong and indivisible Nigeria. 


“This is regardless of the ignoble position taken by some characters pretending to be representing the Yoruba nation wherein they made fallacious and unsubstantiated allegations that are capable of causing an uprising in the country.


“We know for certain that the sons and daughters of Oduduwa are not known for causing disaffection in the society. We won’t allow a group of selfish politicians that know nothing but how to take care of themselves alone jeopardise the peace of Nigeria just because they want to score political goals.  


“We wish to state that this rally is to set the record straight and put issues in proper perspectives as regards where the Yoruba Nation stands with regards to the unity of Nigeria. 


“The position of the Concerned Yoruba Patriots is crystal clear, and the fact that our absolute faith and trust is with the unity of Nigeria. We stand firmly with Nigeria and state that those that have been spreading inciting messages are not representing the interest of the Yoruba nation but rather the interest of their paymasters.


“We are in absolute commitment with the efforts of the government towards making Nigeria safe and secure for all regardless of our ethnicity, religion or geographical locations, which has remained the hallmark of the present administration since 2015. 


 “We are in solidarity with President Buhari for his giant strides in entrenching peace and security in South-West Nigeria.  country of our dreams. The stakes are high, and the unity of Nigeria is sacrosanct and non-negotiable. This fact remains our position now and in the future, because we shall not entertain any form of politicking with the security of lives and properties in the South-West region. The interest of the people of the South-West region remains the top priority of the Concerned Yoruba Patriots, and this supersedes any personal or organisational interest.   


“We are partners in progress, and we are known to speak power to truth. This peaceful rally is just one instance as we shall be monitoring events as they unfold to chart a course that would ultimately be beneficial to the generality of the people of the South-West region,” the group stated.

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