Four killed in two separate farm attacks in KZN

“In addition to this, the DA made suggestions during a joint committee meeting of these two portfolios. Yet, despite four months having passed since then, there has been no further meeting to resolve these suggestions,” he said.

“In all these cases, the blatant lack of political will and uncaring stance of the ANC-led provincial government is glaring. This lack of action borders on a dereliction of duty on the part of the province’s political leadership.

“While government is quick to act against violence when it comes to truckers and cash-in transit vehicle heists, it is motionless and emotionless on matters involving farmers and farm workers, who are being attacked and murdered at a rate much higher than many other groups. This while the premier and his provincial government are nowhere to be found.”

The DA has also written to “the top 10 international human rights organisations globally to request their assistance in fighting this ongoing scourge”.

“We are awaiting their responses. We maintain our calls to have farm murders declared a hate crime and urge President and premier Zikalala to treat this issue with urgency before communities take matters into their own hands,” said Pappas.

The police did not respond to queries.


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