'Is the president scared of Cape Town?' – SA reacts to Covid-19 family meeting

One thing you can count on South Africans to do is find the humour in any situation and Monday night’s address by the president was no different.

President Cyril Ramaphosa took to his podium to address a nation of people who were expecting another hard lockdown for the festive season.

While the president and National Command Council (NCC) opted out of another hard lockdown, they did institute some very tough restrictions that will find many people having to rethink their holiday plans.

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Among those restrictions is a new curfew that will pose a bit of a challenge for this year’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, considering the fact that only essential workers will be allowed to be out after 11pm on 31 December.

Additionally, worshippers who do overnight church services will also have to find alternative ways of welcoming 2021.

There have been mixed reactions to this news and other announcements made by the president, where some have accepted the decision while others remain in denial.

The strongest reactions were as a result of the news that Cape Town beaches would be allowed to stay open during this period, albeit during limited times.

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