It was all smiles at the Sefako Makgatho Presidential Guesthouse in Tshwan earlier, as welcomed two dignitaries from North Korea to serve in South Africa for the next few years.

Ramaphosa welcomes North Korea officials to South Africa

The ‘Letter of Credence’ ceremony took place on Thursday afternoon. The event gained a bit of attention online when Mr. Jong Song-Il and Mrs. Pak Ok Ran were pictured alongside the South African president. Of course, North Korea is regarded as one of the world’s most secretive and repressive states – and any affiliation with SA is likely to spark debate.

But these activities were certainly all above board: A Letter of Credence is something approved by the president of a sovereign nation, allowing foreign diplomats the authority to serve within their borders. It’s an essential part of letting High Commissions operate autonomously overseas – and that courtesy extends to North Korea.

and Kim Jong-Un: Are we cool?

Ties between South Africa and the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ remain relatively amicable. The ANC even sent two representatives on a study trip to Pyongyang back in 2018, suggesting that our diplomatic relations are on the level. Ramaphosa welcomed Song-Il and Ran with open arms on Thursday – but his hosting duties didn’t end there…

In total, 16 other nations had guests at the prestigious event, as more than 30 diplomats received their letters from Ramaphosa. Dignitaries from Vietnam, Ukraine, Iran, Egypt, Botswana and the Ivory Coast formed part of the guestlist.

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