Wide-scale interventions are in the pipeline

President made an opening address at the Infrastructure South Africa Project Preparation Roundtable and Market Place recently.

The event was held at Gallagher Estate in Midrand, and follows the first priority intervention the President presented in October which outlined infrastructure programmes, measures to catalyse industrialisation, relief for vulnerable households and individuals, and public employment programmes.

A statement released by the Presidency said, “The project preparation roundtable will also explore through a high-level plenary discussion how and why the terms and conditions of project preparation capital deployment are curbing the development of projects in South Africa.”

In his address, Ramaphosa said, “South Africa is working to rebuild our economy after the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic…The pandemic worsened an already dire situation, severely disrupting economic activity and putting numerous investments on hold.

“Our priority now is driving the implementation of South Africa’s Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan. This plan, which is underpinned by the agreements between social partners, outlines key interventions to kick start our economy.”

He added that their focus would be the creation of jobs and ensuring that local businesses would benefit. “Over the next four years we hope to unlock R1 trillion in infrastructure investment.”

The President said the inaugural Sustainable Infrastructure Development Symposium acted as a huge boost to their plans, and with the private sector they were able to identify 276 projects with a total investment value of more than R2.7 million. The projects would be in the area of water and sanitation, energy, transport, digital infrastructure, and agriculture among others.

President Ramaphosa called on collaboration between the private and public sector and said, “Anchored by Infrastructure South Africa, I have no doubt that the compact we are building between the public and private sectors will be further strengthened and deepened during this roundtable.”

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