Father explains pain of burying 'terrorist' son

Moshi.Tanzanian Rashid Charles Mberesero who was jailed on charges of a terrorist attack in Kenya, has been buried in his home village of Same, Kilimanjaro Region.

Mberesero was found dead in prison in late November after he hanged himself using a blanket in a high detention center at Kamiti prison in Nairobi.

Reports say the prisoner’s body was found hanging from a window with a piece of blanket tied around his neck where he allegedly hanged himself last Friday around 9pm.

July 3, 2019, Rashid and two others were convicted to life imprisonment after they were found guilty of terrorism that killed 148 students. They convicts were found guilty following evidence of them being at the scene of the crime.

Other convicts were Mohamed Ali Abikar and Hassan Edin Hassa who were sentenced to 41 years in prison.

Speaking to Mwananchi yesterday, the student’s father said he was grateful to the government of President for hearing their plea and issuing a permit that allowed the body of their son to be brought into the country on December 10 for burial.


“We thank our Tanzanian government for allowing us to take the body of our child. We thank President Magufuli for listening to his citizens.

We thank God we have buried him safely,” said the student’s father.

Speaking about his son

Narrating about his son, the father said that his son was a good boy and doing well in his studies.

“We don’t know what happened when he entered form five because he was in school in Dodoma and at that time he was just a young boy,”

“I urge the government to look into what happens to our children, who are the people who persuade young people to escape from school and go roaming,” said Charles Mberesero.

However, he said that until his death, his son continued to deny the incident of terrorism he was convicted until the end.

He describes how he received the news of his son’s involvement in terrorism

He explained that, in 2015 when he received news of his son being associated with a terrorist incident he was shocked because he always knew his son was in school.

“When we were told he was found in Kenya we were really shocked and to this day we do not know what happened that day,” he said.

At the time of his arrest in Kenya in 2015, Rashid was 20 years old and a form five student at Bihawana Secondary School in Dodoma.


By Janeth Joseph

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