Speaking to ITV’s Dakika 45 programme Monday evening, the IGP said there are politicians whose utterances can easily plunge the country into chaos.

And as custodians of peace and security, Sirro said the police force is ready to pounce on those whose actions and messages point to violence.

He said the language being used by some leaders who seek political office in the October 28 General Election is akin to provoking law enforcers to take action against them.

“I respect all politicians from all parties but they should respect the laws and mind their language,” he cautioned.

“If you listen carefully to the kind of language some politicians use, you will not fail to notice aggression.”  

The top cop went ahead to tell political actors who wish to engage in the election campaign to shape up or ship out and find something else to do.

Some political leaders seem to have forgotten that they enjoy the freedom to conduct politics because of peace and tranquility that exists. but which they threaten with reckless utterances, he stated.

He appealed to politicians taking part in this year’s polls to adhere to the law of the land as well as regulations laid out by the National Electoral Commission, which oversees the electoral process.

“There is this attitude of some politicians that they can speak whatever they want and there is no one to question them; that is wrong. I want to remind them that there is life after the polls,” he said.

Sirro warned that the police are there by law to ensure there is peace and they cannot stand by and watch while there are signs that peace is being threatened.

“We are ready to do our job. I don’t expect them to complain when we start dealing with them.”

Voters are expected to turn out massively in the October polls where the Union president, the president of Zanzibar, members of Parliament, members of the House of Representatives and ward councilors will be elected.

President is seeking reelection for his second and final term in office. He will square it out with a number of opposition candidates including ACT-Wazalendo’s Bernard Membe.

The former long-serving Foreign Affairs minister who decamped to the opposition outfit was recently endorsed alongside the party’s national chairman Seif Shariff Hamad, who is the candidate for Zanzibar. 

Also in the race is Tundu Lissu of the erstwhile leading opposition party Chadema. The firebrand ex-Singida East MP returned to the country recently from Belgium where he lived since January 2018.

He was flown there for specialized treatment after being rained with bullets by assailants in September 2017 while on official duties in Dodoma.

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