By Rosemary Mirondo

Dar es Salaam. President yesterday directed slashing of salaries of members of the Tanzania Minerals Audit Agency’s (TMAA) advisory board who were transferred to the Mining Commission for failure to deliver.

The 2017 decision to disband the entity that was under chief executive officer Dominic Rwekaza followed audit of containers of mineral sands that showed the exports had been understated.

Dr Magufuli made the directives at the Chamwino State House in Dodoma shortly after swearing in the new deputy minister for Minerals, Prof Shukrani Manya.

Prof Manya, the assumed new roles from the Mining Commission of Tanzania where he saved as executive secretary took an oath earlier yesterday before National Assembly Speaker Job Ndugai to become a Member of Parliament.

His appointment comes a day after the would-be deputy Minister for Minerals, Mr Francis Ndulane, was dismissed after failing to accurately read the content of his oath of office during a swearing in function.

“We disbanded TMA due to failure to deliver. But it has come to my attention that they officials were transferred to the Mineral Commission alongside their huge salaries. Now I’m directing the Chief Secretary (John Kijazi) to liaise with the Permanent Secretary and ensure the salaries are reduced,” he said.


According to him, retrenched staffs shouldn’t be transferred with over Sh10 million salaries which is far more than what the director of the institution earns, signalling exit door for those who will not be satisfied,

He said Prof Manya has replaced Ndulane due to enough reserve of executives saying more remained ready to replace underperformers.

“We chose you, because the high authority is still struggling, the docket’s Minister in charge is a professional teacher who is less conversant with mineral issues while the Permanent Secretary majored in Information Communication Technology (ICT),” he said.

Adding, “I have appointed you to be a link and since you are a professor you are expected to work hard because your predecessors (minister and the PS) failed despite of being professors.”

He said revenue collections in the mineral sector increased Sh160 billion to Sh529 billion despite of the fact we were yet to start mining some others including iron, coal and graphite among many others.

President Magufuli said the owner of Dangote Cement Factory expressed dissatisfaction on insufficient amount of coal supplied, hinting that unscrupulous people who monopolized the product, directing that the product to be used as fuel alternative and energy production.

Earlier, Vice President Samia Suluhu congratulated Prof Manya, noting that an electronic system has been launched to simplify provision of permits to investors.

“It came to our attention that we don’t have guidelines that will direct officials to speed up provision of permits. Ensure you oversee and prevent environmental degradation by small scale minors,” she said.

Prime Minister expressed his pleasure with Prof Manya’s appointment, noting that he has been at the fore front in the implementation of key issues in the industry.

“This is among the appropriate appointments because his experience will ensure the country country continues to benefits of lucrative natural resources,” he said.

In another development, Dr Magufuli pledged to consider dropped deputy minister, Mr Ndulane for another job, confessing that it wasn’t an easy task to come out of the crowd to take the oath.

For his part, Minerals minister, Mr Dotto Biteko said having served for the commission in the last four years, Prof Manya had been so helpful.

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