Magufuli warns youth over demonstrations
By Alawi Masare and Elizabeth Edward @TheCitizenTZ

Dar es Salaam. The CCM presidential candidate, Dr , urged the youth yesterday to refrain from being used by some politicians requiring then to  take to the streets when the October 28 general election results are announced – and happen to be contrary to their expectations.
Dr Magufuli, who is seeking reelection, told residents of Bunju in Dar es Salaam when  he was on his way to Tanga, that he would be saddened to see civilians suffering just because of elections, insisting that Tanzanians must always remember that there is life after elections.
“Peace is a very important thing. Don’t be deceived that you can run away just because you are young and energetic. Think about your mother, brother and sister or grandmother. I urge you to vote – and be patient because those who persuade you to go into the streets have tickets to fly to Europe,” he said. Speaking at Msata in the Coast Region, Dr Magufuli stressed the need for peaceful  polls.
“These elections mean a lot to us. They determine whether we get leaders who are loyal to the country – or puppets. Good leaders are the ones who can maintain peace,” he said.
At Bagamoyo, Dr Magufuli promised to improve the welfare of public servants after going through hard times in the past five years. He also said his government concentrated on building the economy which has reached a good stage.
“Because we have built the foundation for economic development – and the fact that public revenue is also being reliably collected, we will now focus on improving workers’ welfare ,” he promised.

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