Magufuli's promise to Njombe residents if reelected on October 28
By Alawi Masare

Makambako. CCM’s presidential candidate yesterday listed his five-year promises for Njombe Region including the Sh121-billion water project if he wins the October elections.

Dr Magufuli who is seeking re-election for the second five-year term also promised to expand transport infrastructure as a way of linking farmers to the market, saying crops like avocado need good roads for them to timely reach to the destined markets, including international markets.

Dr Magufuli arrived in Makambako from Iringa and he is expected to enter Mbeya today.

He said the three water projects worth Sh121 billion planned for three towns of Njombe Region including Makambako, Njombe and Wanging’ombe will be implemented in the next five years if he wins the General Election scheduled for October 28, this year.

“We have done a lot for the country by implementing Sh498 billion development projects like hospitals and infrastructure and now we have other good things in pipeline,” promised Dr Magufuli at a campaign rally.

He promised to expand the regional airport to the tarmac level to allow bigger aircraft to land in the region.


He also promised to buy new seven locomotives and 20 wagons for the Tazara line which passes through the region.

Dr Magufuli also promised to expand Manda Port on Lake Nyasa as part of the transport infrastructure expansion and open up the region.

“I want to make sure avocado and other produces grown in Njombe easily access markets. The aircraft we want to buy including one cargo plane will transport avocado and other horticultural produces from here to the international markets,” explained Dr Magufuli.

In the health sector, Dr Magufuli promised to finish the referral hospital which was now 80 percent near completion and build a-4-km tarmac road linking the hospital.

“We want to make sure all health services including specialized ones are provided here. We don’t want to see women losing life while giving birth,” he said.

Njombe Region is also a host to Mchuchuma Coal and Liganga Iron Ore projects which Dr Magufuli said will be developed as they were in the party manifesto for 2020-25 which he will implement if he wins the elections.

He also said will make sure that Rumakali and Ruhudji hydropower projects are fully developed in the next five years and provide the 580 megawatts expected.

On agriculture, he promised to address the charges that farmers are made to pay when transporting their farm produce as well as wood products.

He also promised to revive the Lupembe Tea Factory.

Dr Magufuli arrived in Njombe Region on Tuesday from Iringa where he had rallies on Monday.

He started his speech with a moment of silence to remember and pray for Emmanuel Mlelwa, a CCM Youth Wing leader for universities in the Southern Highlands Zone who was killed last week before giving the directives to the security organs to take appropriate actions against those who were involved in the murder.

As Makambako parliamentary candidate Deo Sanga and ward councillorship candidates knelt down to ask for votes, Dr Magufuli also knelt down to ask for votes.

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