Hashim Rungwe of Chaumma and Khalfan Mohamed Mazrui of the Union for Multiparty Democracy (UMD) yesterday became the latest nominees to collect candidacy forms from NEC offices here.

After he was handed the forms accompanied by running mate Mohamed Masoud, Rungwe said that in the event that the voters sweep him to office he will provide subsidy to farmers and allowances to elders.

He said farmers will be provided with subsidies for their crops as they were doing great work, noting that elders will be given special allowances due to their good services to the nation.

“The elders served this country and now, after finishing their services, should we discard them? No; CHAUMMA says, they will get food,” he declared.

 The aspirant said it is now the third time he is contesting the presidency, and he wishes to make sure school pupils get all the necessary meals while at school, including rice and beans.

“I said children at schools will eat rice because when I was in school I used to get food – at 10am it was porridge, at 12.00 noon we would get rice and beans, and meat on some other days, and that used to be the life we were leading whilst in school,” he said, vowing to provide pupils them with rice so that they are motivated in their learning process.

Asked about guarantors, Rungwe said he will start looking for their signatures at the place where the late Father of the Nation Mwalimu Julius Nyerere was born and buried – at Butiama in Mara Region.

UMD aspirant, Khalfan Mohamed Mazrui collected nomination forms with running mate Mashavu Alawi Haji. He said his party’s priority was to bring development to the people so that they live soft lives.

“Even though the campaign period has not yet started, we have high hopes that the situation will be good and Tanzanians will understand us on the policies we will advertise, including hope for true democracy and people’s development,” he said.

He said in case he gets elected he will establish a new administrative system whereby there will be provinces and no longer regions as at present.

Last week NEC opened its curtains to hand out the candidacy guarantor forms, with taking and returning of candidacy forms elapsing two weeks from now.

Other candidates who collected the forms included CCM candidate Dr , seeking his second term and running mate Samia Suluhu Hassan.

AAFP nomineee Seif Maalim Seif and running mate Rashid Ligania also collected forms, along with DP’s Philipo Fumbo and running mate Zainab Juma Hamisi.

NRA aspirant Leopold Mahona accompanied by Hamis Ali Hassan as running also collected nomination forms, as did ACT-Wazalendo’s Bernard Membe and running mate Prof. Omar Faki Hamad.

Others who collected forms were UPDP’s Twalib Kadege and running mate Ramadhani Ali Abdallah, ADC’s Queen Sendiga in company of her running mate Shoka Khamis Juma, while SAU’s Mutamwega Mgaihwa collected form with running mate Satia Musa Bebwa.

At the weekend CHADEMA’s presumed candidate Tundu Lissu and Salim Mwalimu Juma as running mate collected guarantor forms, so did Demokrasia Makini’s Cecilia Mmanga and running mate Tabu Mussa Juma.

Today presumptive candidates for CUF, CCK and NCCR-Mageuzi are expected to collect nomination forms, and tomorrow NLD and Ada Tadea nominees will collect guarantor forms, NEC officials said.

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