Tanzania: Anti-Corruption War – the Struggle Continues

TANZANIA today joins the rest of the world to mark International Anti-Corruption Day that reminds us the need to have collective efforts in combating the social evil.

The event is commemorated on a crucial day for Tanzania as this great country in East Africa marks its 59th independence anniversary tomorrow.

This gives true meaning and value to the event — showing how important for Tanzanians to continue waging a relentless war against the scourge of graft. Indeed, corruption does not only affect economic development in terms of efficiency and growth — but also affects the equitable distribution of resources across the population.

We need to continue laying emphasis on the anti-corruption war because the social malady increases income inequalities, undermines the effectiveness of social welfare programmes and ultimately leading to the creation of an immoral society.

For the Fifth Phase Government under President zero tolerance to corruption remains the top priority as we enter into final phase of his administration. So far, we have witnessed stern measures taken against public servants and other individuals involved in corruption.

The culprits were taken to court and most of them are serving jail terms. President Magufuli reiterated his stance in the anti-corruption war when he inaugurated the 12th Parliament in Dodoma last month.

Under President Magufuli incidences of corruption have tremendously decreased in various sectors of the national economy.

Anti-corruption efforts have not been in vain because Tanzania climbed three places in the global Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) statistics released early this year where it was ranked at 96th position among 180 countries in the 2019.

Tanzania came second in the region, only behind Rwanda which garnered 53 points out of 100. According to the UN, corruption is criminal, immoral and the ultimate betrayal of public trust. It is even more damaging in times of crisis – as the world is experiencing now with the pandemic.

As we commemorate the International Anti-Corruption Day, let us support the government efforts in weeding corrupt elements within our society.

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