VICE-PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has advised the newly sworn in ministers and their deputies to hit the ground running if they want to keep up with the fifth phase government’s pace.

Speaking on Wednesday at Chamwino State House in Dodoma after President swore-in the ministers he appointed last Saturday the Vice President said ministers had an uphill task to accomplish given the promises the ruling party made during the election campaigns.

She said ministers should understand that all promises made during the election campaign were now falling on their shoulders, insisting that there was no time to waste after being sworn-in.

“Don’t go and relax in your offices, instead visit the common people out there and seek solutions on problems facing them,” she insisted.

She added: “Most of you here look youthful, industrious and quite fit; it is my hope we are going to demonstrate a high level of service while serving the people… there are still many challenges facing the people.”

The Vice President recalled the pledge she made to President Magufuli on November 16, this year at the swearing-in ceremony of the Prime Minister and other two ministers that encouraged the Head of State to continue coming up with big plans for the country.

She said she and other ministers were ready to effectively implement all the directives at the required speed and standards.

She used the opportunity to applaud the good work performed by the previous cabinet ministers, highlighting that their good performance simplified 2020 CCM General Election campaign results.

Ms Samia also thanked the President for using the first two years of his previous term to straighten out the administration, something which bore fruits as from the third year a lot of changes were witnessed.

The VP asked ministers who served in the first term and made it into the new cabinet to play a key role of mentoring new ministers so that they too can move at the required pace.

“In this new cabinet, about 13 full ministers who served in the previous term have been retained. The other 10 served as permanent secretaries, deputy ministers and the Parliamentary Budget Committee.

“On the other hand, the lined up deputy ministers consists of 17 new faces while six others have been retained from the first term,” revealed Ms Samia, insisting that the appointment of ministers and their deputy was done on merits as aspects such as education background, political background, level of accountability from previous positions and their personalities were looked at.

Earlier on, Prime Minister asked ministers and deputies to take note that their appointment meant a lot, adding that Tanzanians expect nothing less but outstanding performance in serving them.

Mr Majaliwa said President Magufuli’s administration has manifested itself as a no nonsense government in serving the public, insisting that it is the responsibility of the new cabinet to go and work hard.

“The previous five years have laid a foundation in maintaining discipline in public service, our duty is to work hard and show results as per our guidelines,” noted the Premier.

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