SIHA Member of Parliament Dr Godwin Mollel in Kilimanjaro Region has called upon Tanzanians to ignore people, who wish the country ills and instead steadfastly support President in his efforts to build the nation.

Speaking to reporters in Moshi, on Monday, Dr Mollel said that as the country begins to make great economic gains, there are already some indications of some people being unhappy and only wish the development plans scuttled.

“Unfortunately these people with bad intentions about Tanzania using our none-patriotic citizens want to destroy the good work the government has done, we must be careful with such people,” he said.

Dr Mollel further said the unpatriotic people have now started mudslinging the country by fabricating unfounded claims about the just ended General Election, claiming it was marred with irregularities.

“The sad thing is that those who were preparing to be at the helm of State to serve the interests of their masters failed to do so, and they are now applying comedian tactics by claiming that their lives are in danger after the elections,” he said.

According to the legislator, there are reports that those who fled the country after claiming that their lives are in danger, will be receiving subsistence allowance annually from their masters in the coming five years until 2025, when they will come back to participate in the next General Election.

“Let us ask ourselves if it happens they will succeed to win the next General Election, will they serve Tanzanians or their sponsors?” he posed.

He further said that President was elected by majority of the Tanzanian votes as a result of his splendid past work that is seen by all.

Without naming names, he said one of them who was trooping the country as a non-Tanzanian after coming back was surprised with wonderful achievements of President Magufuli during his self-asylum seeking abroad.

Responding to a question raised by members of the committee on Foreign Affairs of European Parliament that accused Tanzania of a number of issues , Dr Mollel said he could not comment, because the Minister of Foreign Affairs had already given his comments, however he stressed that it was part of the dirty tactics applied by those who wanted to destroy Tanzania’s good image internationally.

“For example, they were questioning how the funds which were provided to Tanzania to fight the pandemic were spent… .this is a scam aimed at condemning Tanzania,” he said.

He said, however, they should question the countries which were provided with the funds, why the number of patients with the disease keeps on surging, because in Tanzania it doesn’t exist anymore.

“May I reiterate my plea to Tanzanians, let us support President Dr whose main intention is to build a new Tanzania; his intentions are clear and this is due to the fact that his efforts to achieve that goal have been evident in his first five year-term,” he added.

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