THE ruling CCM presidential candidate Dr said the government successfully managed to register 1,307 foreign and local investment projects worth 3.3trl/- in the period of five years.

In fact, the incumbent President said Tanzania is leading in the East African Community (EAC) bloc for attracting Direct Foreign Investments (FDIs).

Addressing hundreds of thousands of wananchi at Samora Stadium in Iringa municipality yesterday in run up to the October 28th General Elections, Dr Magufuli said his government has strived to boost the private sector in the past five years, purposely to improve the economy and create jobs for Tanzanians.

He said in the past five years, the private sector created 183,503 jobs through various investment projects. Over 50 per cent of the projects were related to industrial production.

According to the party’s 2015-2020 manifesto, the fifth-phase government managed to create a total of six million jobs through various projects across the country.

And, Dr Magufuli said CCM through its 2020-2025 manifesto has set strategies for strengthening the private sector for mutual economic development in the country.

The 303-page document states that the government is focusing on creating a total of eight million jobs in the coming five years.

“Private sector is one of the key engines in driving the economy. For the past five years, a number of jobs have been created through registered projects. The ruling party is focusing on improving the sector in the coming five years so as to create more jobs and build a strong economy,” he said.

According to Dr Magufuli, if re-elected, his government will focus on boosting and strengthening the sector and attract more investors, which will in the end create more jobs.

Moreover, Dr Magufuli told the voters that his government, if re-elected in the October polls will turn Iringa region into a tourism hub by improving infrastructure and expanding Nduli Airport.

He said Iringa is a centre for tourists, who head to Ruaha National Parks, Kalenga historical sites and many other tourism attractions in the southern circuit.

“We are going to expand the airport in this region so that it could accommodate big aircraft, this will increase the number of tourists and thus boost both social and economic activities in the region,” said Dr Magufuli.

He added that apart from the airport expansion, the government will also focus on improving other infrastructure including construction of roads in the area.

“We are going to construct a 7-kilometre by-pass road that will change the face of Iringa municipality… it will enable trucks to use a different road and thus decongest the town,” he said.

“We are going to change Iringa, the only thing I am asking is to give us enough votes. Make sure you vote for me, MPs and councillors on CCM tickets, so that we can work together for this region’s development,” he said.

Dr Magufuli on the other hand said his government worked hard to ensure there is enough food in the country during the past five years. He said so far the country has a total three million tonnes of surplus food.

“For the past five years, the country has managed to produce enough food, and as of today, we have a total of three (3) million tonnes of surplus food in the country,” he noted.

Dr Magufuli added that his government has managed to improve the sector by reaching out pastoralists and advising them on the proper ways of livestock keeping.

He said in the coming five years, the ruling party focuses on hiring district and ward veterinary officers.

Dr Magufuli further said plans are already in place to increase animal food production from 900,000 tonnes to eight (8) million tonnes.

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