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Tanzania: Life has to go on after vote

Dar es Salaam. — AS the dust is settling after a general election that handed President a second term, life is going on in Tanzania with the ecstasy to the winners and disappointment to the losers giving way to the wisdom from an old adage that there is life after elections.

The election was not a magic wand to dispel social and economic complexities brought about notably by the outbreak of .

In a UN report released this year, Liu Zhenmin, UN Under- Secretary General for Economic and Social Affairs, said that with the future of the world being shaped by pandemic and humanity’s response to it, critical insights are more important than ever.

The report, “Recovering Better: Economic and Social Challenges and Opportunities” is a UN overview of the compilation of the High-level Advisory Board on Economic and Social Affairs. The report highlights on the human tragedy of the pandemic which has not only claimed many lives worldwide but has also imposed many additional socio-economic challenges.

“At the aggregate level, economies are in recession, leading to falling public revenue and shrinking fiscal space. Additional stresses are arising in economies dependent on tourism or commodity exports, and with disruptions in food supply chains,” the report notes.

To address some of these existential and perceived challenges and morph them into opportunities, Sahara Sparks will host a series of events in Dar es Salaam this week, according to Vanessa Kisowile, Lead, Sahara Sparks Events. The event organised by Sahara Ventures in collaboration with South African based MyGrowth Fund will mainly focus on the Future of Africa Beyond 2020. — allAfrica.

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