CCM’s Zanzibar presidential candidate Dr Hussein Mwinyi has pledged to stand firm in protecting the interests of Zanzibaris, if elected on October 28th, this year.

Dr Mwinyi, currently presiding as the Union Minister for Defense and National Services, promised minimum employment and procurement quotas for Zanzibaris should he win the presidency.

“We will introduce the minimum number of jobs that all investors in our areas will have to meet… it will be compulsory for investors to buy from us all the products that we can supply,” Dr Mwinyi told a mammoth campaign rally at Kiwengwa suburb.

He promised special support to Zanzibar youth to acquire the appropriate training that will enable them to confidently work especially in the thriving tourism industry.

Dr Mwinyi reiterated his vow to compel investors to support social development in their host communities, saying during his reign all investors will have the obligation to support community development, including construction of schools, health facilities and water supply infrastructures in the areas they operate.

The presidential hopeful implored the islanders to embrace hard work and produce abundantly for the tourism market in the country.

“We are Godly blessed with tourist attractions-these tourism investors in our areas should serve as our ready markets for our fishing and farm produce,” he said.

The presidency seeker promised massive support to enable the islanders undertake productive fish farming and help small fishermen with appropriate fishing gears to access the marine resources in the deep sea.

He warned wananchi along the coast against destruction of mangrove trees, urging them instead to use the natural habitat as suitable grounds for fish farming.

Dr Mwinyi also decried the deteriorating societal morals, especially drug abuse and violence against women and children, promising to squarely deal with the vices if elected the eighth leader of Zanzibar.

Speaking at the meeting, CCM Central Committee Member beseeched the islanders to elect Dr and his Zanzibar counterpart Dr Hussein Mwinyi, describing them as the most appropriate leaders for development yearning Tanzanians.

“We will have two options on October 28, 2020-to vote for development or gratify our emotions,” Premier Majaliwa counseled, adding: “Whoever is interested in development should elect CCM candidates.”

He portrayed President Magufuli and Dr Mwinyi as the only couple that has the will and ability to work together and unite all Tanzanians.

“Our union still has minor challenges, which we are gradually addressing,” he said.

Premier Majaliwa said Zanzibar candidate’s experience of over 11 years in the defense and security forces was of paramount importance in leading Zanzibar.

Dr Mwinyi, the current Minister of Defense and National Services, has served in the portfolio for 11 years now.

Mr Majaliwa advised Zanzibaris against selling their voting cards, saying no amount of money can buy “Your right to elect the leader of your choice.”

He reminded voters to snub politicians preaching violence and their intention to annul the union.

“The union has greatly benefited both of us-islanders and mainlanders. Whoever disdains it doesn’t wish us and our country well,” charged Mr Majaliwa.

Earlier, CCM Deputy Secretary General (Zanzibar), Dr Abdallah Juma Sadalla reminded voters of the official voting day as October 28, 2020, urging them to ignore all propaganda of voting on October 27.

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