Tanzania: We'll Implement Pledged Priorities-Ministry

THE Ministry of Agriculture says it is well placed to implement all key priorities that were outlined by President when he inaugurated the 12th parliament in Dodoma, recently.

Permanent Secretary (PS) in the ministry of Agriculture, Gerald Kusaya, said recently that the ministry was putting in place and implementing numerous results-oriented-strategies in the next five years, especially to meet expectations of all Tanzanians.

Being one among the country’s major agricultural priorities, he said, the ministry has so far made crucial strategies on reviving and promoting palm oil production in the country.

“After managing to revive palm oil production in Kigoma Region, the current focus will be to implement the efforts in the remaining 17 regions with potential to grow the economic cash crop,” added the PS.

He further said plans by the ministry are in the pipeline to improve cultivation of sugarcane and processing factories, in order to attain sugar adequacy in the country, but also, rise to a level, where it can be exported.

In his speech to inaugurate the 12th parliament, President unveiled priorities of the government in improving the agricultural sector in the next five years, citing some as enhancing irrigation schemes, agricultural inputs and agro machineries, and capital loans advancements to farmers and addressing post-harvest losses.

Equally, he talked on establishing different agricultural insurance schemes aimed at assisting farmers in the country.

According to him, the government will also work to construct and repair granaries in different areas and expand the country’s crops reservation ability from the current 190,000 tonnes to 501, 000 tonnes.

The president said the government will also create and set a conducive environment that will motivate and assist investors, who would wish to invest in the agricultural sector and fast track agro-processing industries in the country.

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