Bahati Roots for NRM Continuance in Kabale

The state minister for finance planning and economic development David Bahati has enumerated women achievements under NRM Government to his voters in Kabale, calling on to ensure continuance of this success in next year’s election.

Meeting the Kabale district NRM party leaders on Saturday, Bahati who is also the district NRM chairman, said Government has made deliberate efforts to address women agenda mainly in the area of health.

“As part of boosting health services, the NRM Government has built 13 health centres in the 15 sub-counties Kabale district which have saved lives of women and children and also bolstered immunization of children against the killer diseases. Mosquito nets have been distributed to every house household,” said Bahati.

Bahati Roots for NRM Continuance in Kabale

“These good health initiatives have as well raised life expectancy for Ugandans from 43 years in 1991 to 63.3 years in 2018.”

The meeting was highly organized and strictly followed all set Electoral Commission and Ministry of Health guidelines, as all attendants were duly spaced and wore masks.

The Minister appealed to women to continue supporting socioeconomic progress, which he said can only be guaranteed by President ’s Government.

Bahati appealed to women to dissuade their children and husbands from joining the political campaign violence registered in some parts of the country, mainly Central and Eastern.

“Please we appeal to you to advise your children especially youths and even your husbands to work for peace in the current political situation. Please let them avoid violence because if our youths die, parents feel the loss the most,” said Bahati.


Bahati emphasized that Museveni is the only experienced and unmatched leader who can champion who can women cause in this country.

“If you were among the passengers of the bus going to Kampala and you hear that the driver will be someone who has only finished 5 days in a driving school, would you comfortably remain on your seat?” he asked.

He went ahead to answer the question saying a driver with an experience of more than 30 years is the best to be trusted.

On the question of roads Kabale district, Bahati said government has already allocated Shs 10bn to work on Rushoroza, Rugarama, Bugongi – Nangara road which starts from Nyakigugo to Kyanamira.

He concluded by urging the women to join the new government programs like Emyooga program where government has invested over 260billions.

The meeting was also attended by the all women MPs and district NRM chairpersons from Kabale Rukiiga and Rubanda.

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