FDC presidential candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat has strongly condemned negative talk that is often aimed at people from western Uganda, which is he said is mostly misinformed.

Oboi pointed out yesterday while campaigning in the region, that having lived in Ankole for a long time, he realized that the wealthy people from this area are self-made and not necessarily thieves.

“I was resident of Nkoko Njeru before I went to parliament, therefore I know you very well. Many people in this country think that because President Museveni comes from here, every one of you is well off,” he said.

Banyankole Are Rich Because They Work Hard – Amuriat

Amuriat made these remarks while addressing Mbarara residents near Kora Norya Market on Saturday on his way to campaign in Kisoro.

While some sections of the public believe that President has only economically uplifted his kinsfolk and neglected Uganda’s 53 other tribes, Amuriat said this was unfounded, adding that the people from western Uganda are simply hardworking.

“I can say to you and I have said to them, the hard working people of Mbarara have earned their wealth not because Museveni is in Power but because they are hard working,” he said.

“There are only a few people about 1% of the population here that actually enjoy the privileges of being in Government and of Museveni’s being President of this country. Majority of you are struggling, selling tomatoes in the market, selling in those shops, driving bodabodas”

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