Bobi Wine dares EC to arrest Museveni over flouting campaign guidelines
President waving at his supporters in Mbarara City (PHOTO/Courtesy).

KAMPALA – The National Unity Platform Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu has responded in writing to the electoral commission denying accusations of flouting COVID-19 campaign guidelines.

In a letter dated Monday 14th December 2020, Kyagulanyi has noted that Justice Byabakama’s letter is full of inaccuracies and misinformation.

He instead accuses the police of breaching the law, blocking his party’s meetings, illegally holding them at roadblocks and denying them access to accommodation.

“These are matters we have brought to your attention generally but you have taken no action to ensure that the brutality stops and that the playing field is levelled for all candidates.” The letter accusingly states in part in a scathing critique of the conduct of the EC.

Kyagulanyi adds that he had been blocked from campaigning in a total of 27 districts by security agencies.

Bobi Wine dares EC to arrest Museveni over flouting campaign guidelines
Bobi Wine campaigning in Kapelebyong (PHOTO/Courtesy).

He reiterates his accusation against the police of the selective enforcement of the COVID-19 SOPs while pointing out that President the incumbent and NRM candidate is allowed to use the same campaign venues and the same roads that have been denied the NUP.

Kyagulanyi laments that despite repeated demands on why the NRM party and NRM candidates’ actions go on unhindered, there has been no response.

Kyagulanyi has now highlighted eight violations by the police in bold letters in his missive to the EC chairperson and noted that while these violations escalate against his party there has been no response from the EC.

These violations he has listed as Extreme Violence and brutality by Security agencies, Denial of access to media stations, Deliberate targeting of media personnel covering his campaign, Involvement of public servants and military officials in Partisan politics, Use of defamatory language against him by president Museveni, Intimidation of Private advertising companies not to carry their messages on billboards, Use of government resources by President Museveni contrary to section 27 of the Presidential elections act and denial of access to accommodation facilities.

In the letter Kyagulanyi notes he has handpicked Mathias Mpuuga the Deputy President of the National Unity Platform in the Central Region to lead a delegation to the Electoral Commission to represent him at the meeting with EC officials.


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