I and All My Followers Support You – Pastor Senyonga Assures Museveni

Pastor Jackson Senyonga the head of the born-again Christian Life Ministries has pledged support to incumbent President in the coming 2021 presidential election.

Pastor Senyonga told the president on Friday that he and the thousands of churches under him would stand with him and pray for his victory.

The pastor made the pledge at State House Entebbe during a national thanksgiving event which was organized by the president and graced by different religious leaders.

I and All My Followers Support You – Pastor Senyonga Assures Museveni

“The last time I was here, I prayed for all contestants,” Senyonga said.

“But this time, allow me to be a little personal. I want to state from my heart and for the 30,000 churches that I lead across the country that we are standing for the destiny of this country. We know what is at stake; we know the difference and we know where we could head; but we know the truth and we say that we are with you.”

He added, “We are not behind you, because some people will tell you that; you have to watch out for the people who say we are behind you because what they are trying to say is that they are way behind you. We are with you, not behind you”

Senyonga went on to praise President Museveni for keeping a cool head during the ongoing tumultuous campaigns and keeping the country at peace.

“I have never seen a man spoken over and spoken against over and over again and you keep your cool. When they threw mud at you, you stayed steady and you have led us and kept leading us. We feel that the Lord has put you in this position to hold this country together.”

Senyonga, whose megachurch in Bwaise was commissioned by President Museveni over 15 years ago, boasts of an expansive Christian based media network with coverage in most parts of the country.

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