Capt. Mike Mukula, the incumbent National Resistance Movement (NRM) Vice chairperson in Eastern Uganda  this afternoon appeared to add fuel to the racism accusations that have been brought against him by Mr Sanjay Tanna, who is seeking to oust him from the party position.

Tanna, a Ugandan of Indian decent recently came out accusing Mukula of labeling him a foreigner in a racist attempt to undercut his support.

Mukula vehemently denied these accusations, but Mr Tanna early this week doubled down on the claims, telling NRM delegates in Kabale that he was being disadvantaged in the race by the color of his skin.

Indians Are Not Ugandans – Capt. Mukula Responds to Sanjay Tanna

Despite recent interventions by the NRM Electoral Commission, its Central Executive Committee and stern comments on sectarianism from the party chairman President , the matter seems to be far from over.

This afternoon while addressing NRM Delegates in Kabale, Capt Mukula accused Mr Tanna of denying his heritage by resenting being called Indian.

He also stressed that as person of Indian descent, he cannot expect to be counted among indigenous Ugandans.

“In Uganda we have 55 tribes and among them we have no Indians in there. We have the Bakiga, the Banyankore, Banyarwanda and many other tribes.  So, should I call him a Mukiga, or a Muganda? What should I call him?” Mukula said.

“Mr Tanna is an Indian and therefore calling him an Indian isn’t being racist,” he added.


In the meeting which took place at White Horse Inn hotel in Kabale Municipality, Mukula went on to describe himself is a Pan Africanist, and also said he was a supporter of African solutions for African problems.

“Look at what happened in Zimbabwe or in South Africa with the introduction of the apartheid policy” Mukula said.

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