Kazo Woman MP: Minister Kamukama goes independent

The state minister for Economic Monitoring and former principal private secretary to President , Molly Kamukama has been nominated to contest as an independent candidate for the Kazo Woman MP seat.

On Thursday, the High court in Mbarara for the second time, threw out an application filed by Kamukama, seeking to block the nomination of her rival, Jenifer Muheesi as the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party candidate for the Kazo district Woman parliamentary seat. 

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Kamukama had returned to court seeking a temporary injunction stopping her rival’s nomination on grounds that her main application seeking to nullify Muheesi’s victory in the primaries would be rendered useless if she goes through with the nominations.  

Kamukama ran to court after the Kazo district NRM registrar, Joseph Ndibarema declared Muheesi winner of Kazo Woman MP primaries after polling 16,802 votes against Kamukama’s 16,715 votes. 

She rejected the poll results and petitioned the NRM Electoral Commission chairperson, Dr. Tanga Odoi for a fresh tally.  The tally confirmed Muheesi’s victory prompting Kamukama to petition court to cancel the poll results on grounds that the exercise was marred with irregularities and voter bribery.

Kamukama, shortly after her nomination said that her going to court is not defying the NRM party but fighting for her justice and people’s right to vote rightly.

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