She has not given any reasons for non-appearance, the investigators have revealed.

Singer Kusaasira skips State House Anti-Corruption Unit summons

Singer Catherine Kusasira performs on stage. Photo/File

She has not given any reasons for non-appearance, the investigators have revealed.

Singer Catherine Kusaasira who doubles as President ’s advisor on Kampala affairs has skipped reporting to the State House Anti-Corruption Unit (SHACU) where she is being investigated over the sh4.5bn financial scam.

She has not given any reasons for non-appearance, the investigators have revealed.

Kusaasira, who is being investigated together with other government officials in the scam involving Pastor Sirajje Ssemanda of the Revival Church Bombo was summoned last week, November 17, to explain herself on her alleged involvement in the scam.

She was released on bond and was expected to report back on Tuesday, November 24 for further interrogation as investigations continued into the second week.

Pastor Ssemanda who broke away from the late Pastor Augustine Yiga of the Revival Ministries Church Kawaala to form his Church in Bombo, was recently arrested at the Mutukula border point after crossing the border, allegedly fleeing after learning that he was being investigated for fleecing fellow pastors, school directors, and parents of billions of shillings. He allegedly duped pastors who mobilized parents through their churches to register with a fee of sh25,000 to access government programs including school bursaries, early childhood nutrition for expectant mothers and babies, Operation Wealth Creation, among others.

Natasha Mariam, the SHACU spokesperson said that other officials being investigated together with Pastor Ssemanda reported on different days during the week but police detectives expected Kusaasira to turn up as anticipated but she did not appear.

According to Natasha, the Golden Band singer did not give reasons for nonappearance but promised that the investigators were preparing to summon her again.

 Dr. Hillary Musoke aka Kisanja, Presidential advisor on youth and skilling programs reported back on Monday and his bond was extended.

Two women, Maggie Kayima aka Nabbi Omukazi and her sister Bennah Namisinga, who were arrested in the same car with Pastor Ssemanda also reported on Monday and their bond was extended after further interrogation.

Pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha, who is also under investigation reported on Tuesday and he was asked to report back on Monday, November 30. 

Lt. Edith Nakalema, the head of the SHACU said on Thursday that President Museveni insisted that his advisors must be investigated over the allegations.

 She explained that the President was concerned when he heard that Ssemanda was using government officials including his advisors to dupe people into accepting his fake projects. Ssemanda, who had appeared in a photo with the President was also allegedly using it to convince fellow pastors that his activities had been recognized by the government. His Church in Bombo was also referred to as the NRM Church and he often directed his workers to wear Yellow, a color used by the party.

“When the President heard about this, he called his advisors to let them explain their role in Ssemanda’s scams, and he (Museveni) insisted that the investigations must go on and if there is enough evidence, they should be produced in courts of law,” Nakalema said.

Nakalema dismissed claims that Pastor Mondo was being investigated because of statements he made at the funeral of pastor Yiga in Kawaala, which he claims were in support of National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanui aka Bobi Wine.

She said their investigations did not in any way involve politics and wondered why others including presidential advisors were being investigated over the same matter if it was against those supporting NUP.

When contacted, Kusaasira however said that she was not aware that she was needed at the anti-corruption unit.

“I cannot refuse to report to the unit because I know I am innocent and I never committed any offence, it is just that I was not aware,” she said, adding that if they notify her, she will go and continue to explain herself.

After she was released last week, Kusaasira told reporters that she was going back to join President Museveni’s campaign trail. She said she would be willing to comply with all the investigations.                                   

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