I have never met Tumukunde and I believe he has never seen me. We have nothing in common.

We have nothing common with Tumukunde, says Prof. Ojok

Prof. Isaac Newton Ojok

I have never met Tumukunde and I believe he has never seen me. We have nothing in common.


Prof. Isaac Newton Ojok is in shock that presidential aspirant Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde named him among his team head of his political strategy without consulting him.

Ojok, 80, on 27, August distanced himself from Tumukunde’s group, categorically stating that he does not want his name categorised under people who are “politically dangerous”.

“Anybody who wants to make use of my knowledge and experience would not simply publicise my name without consulting me.

I have never met Tumukunde and I believe he has never seen me. We have nothing in common. If it was a slip of a tongue, I want to hear it from him,” Ojok, who was education minister in the Obote II regime said recently.

Ojok, who now heads New Jerusalem International Tabernacle, distanced himself from the 17-man campaign committee which the ex-spy chief named last week.

Announcing the committee, Omar Kalinge-Nnyago described the team as a well organised team brought together by the aspirations to bring peaceful change in Uganda’s governance.

“I was shocked when a colleague in Gulu called me to draw my attention to my name being mentioned. It was the biggest surprise of my life.

Doing what they did without my approval was an ill motive,” Ojok, a self-acclaimed prophet and apostle, said.

Ojok issued a 24-hour ultimatum to the Tumukunde to apologise to him, saying he would consider legal redress should he fail to do so.

“Whoever they are, they owe me a very big apology. I am giving them 24 hours to apologise to me. They should have had a decency of making an appointment to see me,” Ojok charged.

He said as a servant of God, his ministry is registered by the NGO Bureau in the internal affairs ministry and, therefore, his name should not be used for cheap gain and endanger his life and family.

Who is he?

Prof. Isaac Newton Ojok, was born on February 2, 1940, in Apac, Uganda. Prior to the call of God in 1987, he taught adult education for 16 years at Makerere University, University of Zambia and the University of Swaziland before joining politics.

He abandoned his profession as a lecturer and became a politician, but little did he know that his political career would be short-lived.

After the fall of Obote, some rebel groups sprung up to fight President .

Ojok joined the Holy Spirit Movement of priestess Alice Lakwena in Gulu and was captured at the war front in October 1987 at

Waibuga in Iganga district. He was charged with treason and tried twice before different judges. He was subsequently acquitted of the charges.

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