Aparna Sen slams PM Narendra Modi on Twitter

Tollywood actress Aparna Sen has been vocal about many political issues. However, this time, she slammed Prime Minister and said, “No incident of democratic crisis in the country can be protested now.” Without taking any names, Aparna Sen raised her voice against the Modi government. 

Incidentally, Aparna Sen has been seen as one of the faces of the country’s intellectuals more than once before. She has repeatedly raised her voice against the politics of polarization against the NRC, the CAA. However, this time Aparna attacked the center without naming it. 

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The actress wrote on Twitter, “Please don’t protest against anything in this country! If you do, you’re either ‘anti-national’ or ‘urban naxal’ or ‘pro Pakistan’ or part of the ‘tukde tukde gang’ or ‘a terrorist’ or ‘Khalistani!’ You could land up in jail sans spectacles, sans sipper! Beware!” 

It has been seen more than once in the past that BJP leaders and ministers have attacked the protesters as ‘representatives of fragmented gangs or traitors’ whenever they have spoken out against the government. Whether it is JNU or withdrawal of agriculture, protesting has been labeled as treason. 

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At such a moment, Aparna Sen said, ‘The state of emergency after independence was a stigmatized chapter of democracy. Which has become more and more horrible. Note that the term piecemeal gang was born in the BJP camp. The BJP has always accused JNU of plotting to divide India. That is why they call the separatists piecemeal gang.”

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