'Exceed targets beyond expectations', PM Modi addresses Climate Ambition Summit 2020

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Key Highlights

  • On Saturday, Prime Minister spoke at the Climate Ambition Summit 2020
  • PM Modi shared his vision for the country along with the achievements that it has made over the years

New Delhi: On Saturday, Prime Minister addressed the Climate Ambition Summit 2020 on the fifth anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement. The Prime Minister addressed the summit through video conference due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

During his speech, PM Modi said, “India is not only on track to achieve its Paris Agreement targets but to exceed them beyond expectations.” 

The Prime Minister said that the country has reduced its emission by 21 per cent over 2005 levels. He also said that India has managed to grow its solar capacity from 2.63 GigaWatts in 2014 to 36 GigaWatts in 2020.

PM Modi said, “Our renewable energy capacity is the fourth largest in the world. It will reach 175 GigaWatts before 2020.” He said that the country has also succeeded in expanding its forest cover. PM said that India has pioneered two global causes- the International Solar Alliance and Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure.


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