[EXCLUSIVE] Umesh Shukla on directing CM to PM web series: I was inspired by PM Modi's …

Key Highlights

  • Director Umesh Shukla, has showcased ’s journey from being the CM of Gujarat to the PM of India, in Modi Season 2 – CM to PM
  • During an exclusive interview with Times Now Digital, the director opened up about directing the web series
  • The filmmaker said he “was inspired by PM Modi’s selfless work”

Director Umesh Shukla has shown the journey of , from being the CM of Gujarat to the PM of India in Modi Season 2 – CM to PM web series. Mahesh Thakur has played the lead role, in the web show. Mihir Bhuta and Radhika Anand have written the show, which showcases the life of Prime Minister . It also throws light on the subject of how he has helped in uniting the nation.

During an interview with Times Now Digital, the director, who has directed movies like OMG: Oh My God! and 102 Not Out, spoke about the new season. He also spoke about his inclination, towards directing the web series.

“He has changed my life to some extent. I was inspired by PM Modi’s selfless work. Season 1 was about Modi: Journey Of A Common Man. We have made a web series from his childhood, till he becomes PM. What inspired me the most was the characters himself. I got motivated by the Honourable PM’s biography. I was inspired by Kishor Makwana’s biopic. He told that this story needs to be told to people. We made this series. What we will show is his journey from the CM of Gujarat to being the PM. It is inspiring as he has done a lot of good work for Gujarat and other states. At the same time, if you see the journey of the CM of Gujarat, he did a great work in Gujarat too. He handled the Godhra riots bravely, between Hindu and Muslims”, the director remarked.

The director further said that, when he was making the web series, Vivek Oberoi was making the film. But he felt that when he read the biography, making a film would be a less thing. He feels, “A web series has a content of 400-500 minutes. Content is so much and inspiring. I never wanted to rush and make it half-hearted. I thought that it should be made in a web series so that we can show more. When we make a film we are bound to make it for 2 hours. I didn’t want that timeline or boundary”. 

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The director further revealed that he had never been to any institute for direction but with observation, trial and error method, he thought of becoming a director. On the professional front, he would be next working on a biopic on public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam.

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