Singer Caralisa Monteiro posted a photo of PM Narendra Modi in which he can be seen sitting calmly in a lawn, reading a newspaper, with white pekin ducks in the background.
Monteiro used that photo to attack the PM for relaxing and posing during a pandemic.
“The talent to read two books, a newspaper and the laptop simultaneously while posing for the perfect photograph. And that poise during a Pandemic. Impressed. (sic),” Monteiro tweeted.

This photo of PM Modi was clicked in 2013 when he was Gujarat’s CM. It has nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic.
Using reverse-image search, we found an article dated September 14, 2013 from news site Rediff.
Titled ‘30 things you should know about ’, the post carried a similar photo as the one being shared above.
The image is captioned as ‘Gujarat Chief Minister on the lawns of his palatial home in Gandhinagar’.

FAKE ALERT: 2013 photo of PM Modi shared to target him for chilling amidst pandemic

Times Fact Check has found that a 2013 photo of PM Modi is being shared to falsely claim that he is chilling and posing for photographs during a pandemic.
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