Video of a Sikh family praising PM Narendra Modi is being shared in context of ongoing farmer protests in the country. Several social media users are using hashtags such as #KisanStandsWithModi and #FarmersWithPmModi while posting the video, giving the impression that Sikh farmers are standing with Modi.
“We may not have the power of China and the US. We may not have medical expertise like Italy. But none of these countries have a PM like ours,” says the Sikh patriarch in the video, amid the background tune of the national anthem.

The video is old and not related to farmers protests. It was posted for the first time in April, 2020.
Observing the video closely, we found it carried the logo of the Chinese video-sharing social networking platform Tik Tok, bearing the username of @chachabhatijaa in the bottom right corner. Taking a cue from this, we searched the username on Google and found the Tik Tok profile by the same name.
Unable to view it because of the Tik Tok ban in the country, we used VPN to access it. (Note: We advise users to not use this route to access Tik Tok as it is legally banned in India)
Scouring through the profile, we were able to locate the same video posted on April 20, 2020. The Tik Tok profile is named as Taran Khalsa.

FAKE ALERT: Old Tik Tok video viral as Sikh farmers supporting PM Modi

The same video was also posted on April 27, 2020 by the Facebook page of news website Postcard English. It can be viewed here.
Therefore it is clear that the video has got nothing to do with farmer protests. It was posted way before the three agricultural bills passed by the Indian parliament on September 27, 2020 and the protests that followed thereafter.
Times Fact Check has found that an old video of a Sikh family saluting PM Modi is being shared with false claim that they are supporting PM Modi over farm bills.
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