Former servicemen from Haryana plan to return 3200 gallantry medals

Expressing solidarity with protesting farmers, former servicemen from Haryana have collected 3,200 gallantry medals which they are planning to return to President if the government fails to repeal the three controversial farm laws.

Kapil Dev, a resident of Haryana, who had retired from the rank of naik, said the former servicemen under the banner of ‘Sabka Sainik Sangharsh Committee’, which comprises retired soldiers from Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, have written a letter to President to return 25,000 medals in protest against these three laws.

“We have collected over 3,200 medals so far and waiting for the President’s reply. This government has failed to understand the pain of farmers and soldiers. We are deeply hurt by the Haryana government’s decision of digging roads and using water cannons and tear gas to restrict farmers from reaching Delhi borders. Our sons are fighting on the border and we are growing food for the nation. But there are some people who are calling us terrorists, Khalistanis and Maoists,” he added.

Balwan Singh, 80, from Jhajjar, said eight men from his family have sacrificed their lives for the nation. “We know very well how to secure the borders and feed the people of this country. These politicians neither know how to grow food nor how to protect the nation, but still they are explaining us the benefits of these three farm laws. It is a very shameful act,” he added.

Subedar Major (retd) SP Singh from Punjab’s Gurdaspur said he served in the army for 30 years before retiring in 2013.

“I had been cultivating on my two acres of land. The government wants to keep soldiers and farmers in deplorable conditions. The government brought these laws to ruin farmers. Those people, whose forefathers never went to the border and fields, are telling the benefits of these laws and calling us anti-national,” he added.

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