Hold referendum on farm laws in Punjab and Haryana: MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira

JALANDHAR: Bholath MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira has dared Prime Minster Narendra Modi to hold a special referendum in Punjab and Haryana, to peacefully resolve the deadlock over controversial farm laws. Khaira said that referendum seemed to be the only logical and democratic peaceful solution to the said current deadlock between agitating farmer unions and the government.
Khaira said that he was suggesting the use of referendum as PM Modi has been “constantly disregarding” huge public outcry and sentiments of Punjab, Haryana and other places, on farm laws and had been publicly propagating that these laws were good for the farmers, even as the farmers are vehemently opposing them. Khaira said that PM Modi had once again reiterated implementation of the “black laws” while speaking at a FICCI platform on Saturday that exposed the anti-farmer mind set of his government.
Khaira said that on one hand the union government was holding talks with the farmers but on the other it was campaigning in favour of the farm laws daily.
Khaira said the agitating farmers had been shown extreme restraint by keeping their agitation completely peaceful till date, despite many behind the scene efforts by various forces to derail the agitation or turn it violent. Khaira said that apart from the huge public surge in lakhs on the borders of Delhi, the Punjab Vidhan Sabha too had conveyed the sentiments of Punjabis at large by passing unanimous resolution opposing these anti farmer laws.
Khaira said when both sides that is farmers and government were adamant on their respective stands on the said laws, the only tangible, peaceful and democratic way to resolve the crises would be to hold a referendum to decide the future of said laws.
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