Jagan touring Delhi again..?

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AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is very active after the pandemic effects slow down. He has been going here and there aiming to cement his position and reputation at the center. In that order, there were rumors that the YSRCP will join the NDA but no confirmation has been made by the two parties yet. However, Jagan’s recent tour to Delhi has raised several eyebrows in AP.

Now, the reports out that the AP CM is about to leave Delhi once again. It seems that something is very serious about Jagan going to Delhi again in such a backdrop. Party sources said President and Prime Minister were waiting for Jagan. Jagan is ready to leave for Delhi as soon as the confirmation comes from their offices.

This will be Jagan’s third visit to Delhi in the last 20 days. Jagan, who was in Delhi for the first time, met Union Home Minister Amit Shah twice in two days. The call came a few days later and he went back to the country’s capital to meet Prime Minister . The meeting lasted for about 50 minutes and was rumored to have talked about key issues but the actual news did not come out regarding that.

However, on his return from Delhi, Jagan’s letter to Supreme Court Justice NV Ramana, High Court Chief Justice JK Maheshwari, and six other judges, including Chandrababu Naidu and former Advocate General, Jagan’s complaint, became a sensation in the country. Jagan’s complaint against legal and political figures has appeared in almost 19 national English dailies.

Under the current political scenario in the state with the High Court itching to trouble Jagan, this visit has garnered too much political significance in AP. Many believe that Jagan is willing to take the center’s support to avoid High Court scare. But it is Jagan who has started all this ruckus and many believe that Modi might not entertain these acts. So, what else could be Jagan’s intention for leaving Delhi?

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