PM Modi at G20: Coordinated efforts by world's largest economies will lead to faster recovery from …

Prime Minister on Saturday said that coordinated efforts by the largest economies of the world will surely lead to faster recovery from the coronavirus disease () pandemic.

PM Modi made the remarks on Twitter after attending the G20 Summit virtually.

“Had a very fruitful discussion with G20 leaders. Coordinated efforts by the largest economies of the world will surely lead to faster recovery from this pandemic. Thanked Saudi Arabia for hosting the Virtual Summit,” he tweeted.


“At the G20 Summit, I put forward a need to develop a new global index based on talent, technology, transparency and trusteeship towards the planet,” he said in subsequent tweet.

The prime minister also stressed on multi-skilling and re-skilling “to build a talent pool” which will enhance dignity and resilience of the workers. “Value of new technologies should be measured by their benefit to humanity,” said PM Modi.

“Transparency in our processes helps in inspiring our societies to fight crisis collectively and with confidence. Spirit of trusteeship towards planet Earth will inspire us for a healthy and holistic lifestyle,” said PM Modi adding, “We offered India’s IT prowess to further develop digital facilities for efficient functioning of the G20.”

This year’s G20 Summit is being held through video conferencing due to and hosted by Saudi Arabia. Apart from PM Modi, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump are among the other leaders sharing the platform.

During his opening remarks, G-20 president King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia said that this year has been an “extraordinary year” as the pandemic set an “unprecedented shock that affected the entire world within a short period of time, causing global economic and social losses”.

“We took extraordinary measures to support our economies by injecting over US $11 trillion to support individuals and businesses. We have a duty to rise to the challenge together during this summit and give a strong message of hope and reassurance to our peoples through adopting policies to mitigate this crisis,” he said.

King Salman said that while progress is being made in developing vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics tools for the coronavirus, the countries need to create the conditions for affordable and equitable access to these tools for people.

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