PM Modi inaugurates 76 flats for MPs in Delhi

Prime Minister inaugurated 76 flats, eight 80-year-old bungalows that have been redeveloped into 3 green residential towers, for the Members of Parliament. Located at Dr. B D Marg in New Delhi, eight old bungalows have been renovated into the multi-level flats.

Speaking at the inauguration over a video conference, Modi said that the project to accommodate the MPs has been a problem for a while and has now been resolved. He also said that Green Building norms have been followed during the construction of these flats while redeveloping the 80-year-old bungalows.

Speaking of the projects withheld for a long time, Modi said that the current government has taken up most of the projects that have been incomplete for years. “Decades old problems don’t end by avoiding them, but by finding solutions,” he added.

The new building of the Central Information Commission, the War Memorial near India Gate and the National Police Memorial were built by this government which were pending for a long time, Modi said while listing the accomplished projects under this government.

Modi said he was happy that the Parliament proceedings continued even during the pandemic while recognising the work all the MPs have done to ensure the productivity of the Parliament taking it to a new height.

He also praised the Lok Sabha Speaker for keeping the house productively and procedurally sound. Marking the significance of the 16th term of Lok Sabha that ended in the 2019 elections, Modi said that the period has been historically significant in terms of development and progress in the country. Speaking about the current term of the Lok Sabha, he said that the Lok Sabha has taken important decision since the start of the term in 2019.

Modi said he is confident that the next term of Lok Sabha, the 18th term, will also play a major role to take the country forward into a new decade.

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